How to deal with the feeling of being lost

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I have come to this point in my life that I feel like I am a boat in the open sea with no sight of land. The only thing that controls my next destination is the wind, the wind of uncertainty. I guess this is a part of growing up, some call it being adult while others say — just realizing the truth about life.

I am here to tell you that you do not always need to have a reason, an answer to all your feelings nor a destination. Sometimes being patient and enjoying the journey can lead you in the direction you want.

I guess when you are young and uncertain of what path to take. You can end up taking a path that is maybe not for you. For me I used to watch a lot of motivational videos online, this is where it all started. The videos of how to do insane things like waking up at 5 AM in the morning, sacrifice quality time with loved ones, all of this just to prove how badly you want something.

I was obsessed with these videos, it was the only way to become successful.

After thousands of videos and thousands of how to do this and that, I started to feel something was not right. Instead of realizing that these videos is maybe not for me, I started to blame myself for not failing to wake up at 5 AM in the morning, why I cannot put myself in a room and work for hours, and so on.

I guess for some it may be helpful to watch motivational videos, but for me, it did not. It is not that I do not want to become successful, it is just that it has a different meaning.

I have a stable job and income, this allows me to spend time with family and friends. Now if success means to drop all of it to achieve what? Buying an expensive car, a mansion on a skyscraper, watches, or clothes then is not something for me.

This does not mean I do not want these things, it is just I do not believe that the only way to achieve it is to follow what a random guy says online, especially when the secret is just to buy his 99 dollars course.

So in short, you define your success and what matters to your life.

Somedays, it feels like I have everything I want in life, while other days it feels like I am behind everyone. This is an emotion in a particular state, and emotions change over time. I believe this is our body trying to tell us something, not the best form of communication to be honest. Why not just say what the problem is?

But if you begin to do stuff to bury this emotion then you open the door for addictive behavior. This is when people rely on drugs and instant satisfaction to make them feel better while it only is a temporary solution.

We are told in life to deal with emotions, but I do not believe that all emotions need to be dealt with. What if some emotions just need to pass through you like a river in a valley. For instance, a dream you had last night does not have to be become reality.

I recommend starting to think about what success means to you. Do not think that the motivational video you see online knows the meaning of success and what it takes to achieve it.

Most of these motivational speakers earn a living by sharing stuff that is just nonsense. It sounds cool and to be honest, I get carried away sometimes myself, but the truth is, these are most likely entertaining videos not about helping you, but themselves to become more successful.

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