You do not always have to stare at code

Writing code can sometimes be a stressful and time-consuming journey. Most of our time we spend trying to solve the problem, we sit on a chair, eyes locked on the screen, and mind focused on finding the solution. But what if we can make the journey more enjoyable?

These couple of weeks I have found something exciting. I have started watching live YouTube videos while programming. So I do this by putting it up on top of the screen like the bottom-right corner, and it stays visible even when I change between programs.

You can watch a video where someone…

The picture was taken by Caspar Camille Rubin

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to paste something, but you overwrite it by accident because you copy something else? You are not alone!

The Windows clipboard has already been around for a couple of years, but in the last release with the new Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Microsoft presented several impressive features. One that stands out is the new clipboard history— it adds new skills and options to help you copy and paste more efficiently.

The clipboard history shows you a visual representation of copied items. You can easily view the list, find the…

There is always some room for improvement

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Have you ever worked on a project and cannot figure out the purpose of the code. You navigate between files, run the code a couple of times, read the code-comments, and also the documentation just to get some insight into what the code does. You are not alone, these are symptoms of poor code quality. The purpose of writing clean code does not necessarily mean one can easily understand code within a few minutes, but can surely reduce some unnecessary overhead, for you, and for others.

The aim of this article is to share with you some simple concepts to…

Here are few reasons why a software degree is important

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Lately, I have seen an emerging trend online from articles, tweets, and videos where people suggest that you do not need a software degree to become a programmer or land a job. Why should you spend 3-6 years studying and end up with sky-high student loans instead of teaching yourself through online courses and finding a job within months?

Let me take you through my journey towards a developer career. I applied for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a master’s degree in Systems Engineering. I finished my journey in 2018 with six years of educational experience and three…

What determines a great framework choice?


Somewhere in your home you most likely have a toolbox with different tools for when something breaks (such as a screwdriver, a hammer, a measuring tape, and so on). You may not need any of the tools for a while, but sooner or later you’ll need them for solving a specific problem. These tools will save you some time and money.

In programming, a framework provides the same benefits as a toolbox. It contains handy tools to speed up the development process, especially as most projects come with a tight budget and limited time. The definition of a framework is…

Why do we need interfaces, and what are the benefits.

Structured cabling

We’ve all been in the position where we have bought a new device which we are eager to turn it on, but all plugs are busy. So we desperately spend time on finding what power cable to replace, but with 8–10 cables with the same color and shape does not make our lives easier nor less stressful.

The same way in software, we may end-up with code that have tight-coupling architecture which makes it difficult to scale and maintain. Developers must spend lots of time and resources to debug, jump between files, and understand how things are connected. To overcome…

Working from home has become the new norm

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Working from home is something we all want from time to time. The bed, refrigerator, sofa, and anything we want are just steps away. A couple of days in your home office is fine, but when you are advised by the government to work for weeks or months from home, things start to take a shift — either physically or mentally.

Most of us are used to working at the office because it is easier to separate the boundaries between work and personal life. But things have changed lately and not everyone is used to working from home. Those who…

Type conversion is a core part of C# programming language that provides flexibility when dealing with types


Let’s stop for a second and think that we are passing someone a ball. The person who receives it doesn’t know if it is a basketball, a tennis ball, or a soccer ball. This means they have to either guess, or we need a way to inform the person so that they respond with the right movement.

Luckily, in the real world, we are aware of such things because we can visually see it, but in programming, these things have to be enforced by the compiler somehow.

Data types in programming are a way of telling the receiver what values…

Reacting to events in software

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

The observer pattern is a behavioral design pattern that reacts to changes when something happens. The term observer means someone who watches or notices a change.

In programming, it is a subscription mechanism that notifies one or multiple objects (observers) when an event is triggered. The same concept applies to social media like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on.

Whenever someone posts something, everyone that follows that person gets notified. This concept is highly relevant in the world of data and automation.

“The observer pattern is a software design pattern in which an object, called the subject (or publisher)…

Build robust functions that scale

The aim of this article is to show which features TypeScript provides for writing maintainable and reusable functions.

“TypeScript enable JavaScript developers to use highly-productive development tools and practices like static checking and code refactoring when developing JavaScript applications.” Source.

Functions are the fundamental building blocks of an application. A function is an action that performs a certain behavior like login the user, showing a list of items, requesting data from the server, and so forth. These actions together compose a system to solve various tasks.

In mathematics, a function is described as an object that produces an output when…

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